Common questions women ask after an abortion . . .

Can my child forgive me?

Can God forgive me?

How do I live with myself, knowing what I have done?


Can others forgive me?

Can I forgive myself?

Can God still love me after what I’ve done?

These questions can bring about a restless, inner turmoil that a woman feels in the depths of her soul.

By going through a healing program, many are able to find the answers and in the process, find peace.

If you have had an abortion, you might consider this path.

Project Rachel

Compassionate, confidential help is available, free of charge, through the Project Rachel ministry,
for those with an abortion in their past.

Healing is possible

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Stories of Hope & Healing After Abortion

Women share their stories of healing after abortion

Information empowers you.

What you don’t know can hurt you.

You deserve to know.

Be informed.

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